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Objectives & Goals

Constitution for the Indian Desalination Association

Name of the organisation shall be "Indian Desalination Association" hereinafter referred to as " InDA".

InDA shall be incorporated in Chennai, India.

InDA's principal office shall be located at such a place as the Executive Committee hereinafter called the "committee", shall determine. InDA's Head office shall be located at Mumbai. However, with the absolute approval of General Body the Head Quarters shall be shifted to any other place in India keeping in mind the growth, contribution to the goal & objectives of the Association and convenience of operation. *(Approval of (3/4) of those present in GBM meeting or 60% of living members enrolled (As LMs & CMs).

Other offices may be established at any time by the committee with the express consent of AGBM at any place or places as they may designate under suitable operational and financial control and safeguards laid down by the executive committee. The executive committee is vested with the powers to take over or terminate the offices so established when their functioning is not in accordance with established practices and the aims and objectives of InDA.


The goals of InDA will be to encourage the appropriate technologies and methodologies to augment, conserve and efficient utilisation of water through promotion of Integrated Water Resource Management concept thereby encouraging the complimentary development and promotion of the various methodologies including rain water harvesting, water conservation and appropriate use of desalination technologies nation wide in water supply, water reuse, water pollution control, water purification, water treatment, other water sciences and technology and other solute-solvent separations.


InDA shall endeavour to carry out the goals by:

  • Encouraging research, development and appropriate utilisation of desalination, desalination technology and water reuse.
  • Encouraging use of Information Technology (IT) in Water for database with respect to water quality, bathymetry, oceanographic data for the entire country.
  • Exchanging, promoting, communication and disseminating information.
  • Shall be serving as a public forum to provide information on desalination, membrane technology related subjects, water reuse and other solute-solvent separations.
  • Encouraging indigenous membrane development for different allied applications.
  • Encouraging R&D on water technologies using nuclear energy, renewable energy and waste heat.
  • Encouraging development and deployment of small domestic size (LPD range) point of use devices requiring no electricity particularly for rural areas; community size (KLD range) desalination (salinity removal) and water purification (fluoride, arsenic, iron, heavy metals and other contaminants removal) units; medium range (KLD and MLD capacity) waste water treatment/ recycle/ reuse plants in industries; large capacity (MLD range0 desalination and water treatment plants in urban areas.
  • Encouraging R&D on environmental aspects/ near zero liquid discharge/ recovery of valuables from brine/ effluent streams
  • Encouraging industry academia interaction.
  • Encouraging and promoting the establishment of standards, specifications and procedures.
  • Cooperating and communicating with national and international Governmental, institutional and private agencies in matters relating to research, development and appropriate utilisation of desalination, desalination technology and water reuse.
  • Promote operator training and certification.
  • Encouraging and promoting the efficient use of energy for water and other separation processes.
  • Other objectives as may from time to time be approved by the committee.


Co-ordinating meetings on national and regional basis
  • Sponsoring and cosponsoring major international, national and regional conferences. Assisting International Desalination Association (IDA),Asia Pacific Desalination Association(APDA) and other similar national and international organisations.
  • Arranging and conducting regional technical training, management and technology transfer seminars, workshops and courses.
  • Publishing technical journals, newsletters and other publications.
  • Assisting and / or establishing institutes, research foundations and research testing centres. Assisting universities in developing and conducting courses under curriculum.
  • Contracting specific studies and projects to generate specific informations including statistical information needed for policy planning, national development or for the industry as a whole.
  • Other strategies as may arise from time to time be approved by the committee.


InDA will be guided by a policy of:
  • Maintaining neutrality whereby all members are treated properly and impartially with respect to religion, race, sex and political beliefs or nationality.
  • Conducting internal business in a manner, which is deliberate and democratic, permitting all members ready access to information regarding management and operations of InDA.
  • Devoting its effort to promote awareness, research, education and dissemination of information on the development and / or appropriate use of desalination and other separation techniques.
  • Be a non-profit public benefit association. Keep and maintain neutrality with regards to governmental or corporate policies and in the politics of countries, state agencies, companies and others.