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About Us

Indian Desalination Association (InDA) was formed in the month of September 1991 in Madras (now Chennai) with the main goal for the development and promotion of the appropriate use of desalination and desalination technologies nation wide in water supply, water reuse, water pollution control, water purification, water treatment, other water sciences and technologies and various solute-solvent separations.

Following are the members of the executive-committee of the Indian Desalination Association for the period '2019-21' :


  President : Prof.(Dr.) S.P. Chaurasia
  Vice President(s) :

Shri A.K. Adak

  : Dr. Madhu Agarwal
  Secretary : Dr. Dipaloy Datta
  Joint Secretary : Dr. Soumitra Kar
  Treasurer : Prof. V.K. Srivastava
  Jt. Treasurer :

Dr. Jitendra K. Singh

  EC Members :

Dr. B.M. Misra


Dr. R.C. Bindal

    : Dr. A.K. Ghosh

Dr. R.K. Dohare

    : Mr. Sriram Kulkarni

Mr. K.P. Gwalani

    : Mr. Hemish Kapadia